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Expectation Reduces Joy !!!


For a poor person getting two meals is a luxury. For some, even a five course meal can be less. People who can afford less, are underprivileged are people who share MORE, smile More, are happier More than all those people who have MORE.

For a person who is lost in a desert and is thirsty for days, under scorching sun facing unbearable heat and dust storms. Give that thirsty person a glass of water. A simple, plain glass of water would be a lifesaver for that person in desert. Now give ice cold lemonade to someone sitting inside an air conditioned room when hot sun is shining outside. Lemonade cannot bring the same joy as a glass of water in desert. In one situation it is elixir for life in another it is just a lemonade, better still lesser in value.

Riding my first bicycle gave me as much joy perhaps more than my first travel in a plane. There was no bigger joy than to ride the bicycle all by myself at the young age of 8 yrs. My first watch, my first camera, my first trip outside hometown, my first trip outside country all were joyous. I am not sure if the same things would give me same joy now, have my expectations changed ?
Does all this means we are building our own expectations from life based on how we are feeling, where we are, what have been our experiences in past but we forget, in all this we miss upon the simple joy of having something.


Funny examples @ expectations vs joy reduction

  • Expecting life on mars
  • Expecting oranges to be pink and blue
  • Expecting 0% fat milk to taste like whole milk
  • Expecting windows not to restart
  • Expecting your corolla to run like a mustang
  • Expecting happy hour every second
  • Expecting android to act like ios
  • Expecting smile on a Monday
  • Expecting a silent loud speaker
  • Expecting a pollution free environment
  • Expecting to be young and hot always

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