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Gratitude @ MOMS

On an average we eat three meals a day i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner. It means close to 900 meals a month. Roughly 10,000 meals a year. If we have stayed with our MOM for 35 years and more which means she has cooked 35,000 meals for me till now. It is big big number if one think of it.

Normally kids move out for professional studies or get married between the age of 18-25 so on an average i think any mother is cooking at least some 20k meals for theirs kids.

This is just an account of meals, but the love, constant care and being always available for you whenever you need her can’t even be quantified in numbers.

We go out and try to look for GOD and GOD-MEN but our own personal GOD is right their at home close to us, watching over and protecting us all the time.

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